Cahootify…Helps or Hinders a film-maker?

Cahootify is growing day by day and is described by themselves as “one of the UK’s most exciting start-ups”. The sole purpose of Cahootify is trying to make everyone’s dream projects a reality. Cahootify is incredibly flexible in that it allows you to do with your project what you wish, whether that’s to sell it for money or just show the world what you can do. Perhaps the most important thing for a site such as Cahootify is notoriety,¬†but¬†many other¬†factors contribute to why Cahootify could be extremely useful to a film-maker. Very importantly profile creation can be done very badly or very well, little things such as the wrong profile picture can deter people from your profile. Making sure that your profile is professional will insure the interest of visitors. Furthermore it has to be relevant, if you are looking for a team in film production make sure it has content that can relate to your needs, avoiding random pictures as it can just appear tacky and out of place.

Starting off is the online community, A social media site such as Facebook carries a huge online community for various different topics. Facebook have groups that are set up to support peoples favourite things with film and television being a hugely popular subject. If a film-maker was to create a group of their film on Facebook it could gain a following, and eventually an online community if it becomes popular. An online community could be great way of spreading the word of a new film, people will provide regular readership and share content that is on the group so that it brings more people to the group, almost becoming free advertising as such. If the moderator of the group is consistent with feedback to members of the group it will grow trust, now trust and a good relationship with your group members can only enhance the reality of them sharing your content, this will make it seen across not only Facebook but other social media sites. Facebook can work in harmony with Cahootify as it is a social media platform that can be found as a sharing widget alongside Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. An example of a film-maker online community is on Reddit, which is site that uses threads to lead people to their choice of interesting blogs, videos, or other sites which are related to the specific thread, of course using film-making as the relevant thread. Also all these social media sites can be used to drive traffic to your Cahootify profile, an example being a tweet could be put out to self advertise the profile to your followers.

Cahootify is a site that basically builds a team of people, so a social media site like LinkedIn seems to be the perfect match. LinkedIn is very similar to Twitter and Facebook in the way it is full of profiles of people, but with a twist. LinkedIn is more professional and can be a good source for looking for potential employees. This makes complete sense to collaborate with Cahootify as it can aid in building the perfect production team for a film-maker, as LinkedIn will provide people with all the appropriate skills. Of course Facebook could be used for this with the vast amount of groups available, hundreds of groups are actually dedicated to helping people find Film and Television jobs, all around the world. Both LinkedIn and Facebook are ideal for word of mouth, of course LinkedIn from a business perspective due the connections people have on that site, enabling professionals in the film-making area to spread information. Facebook is brilliant for this because of the vast amount of people using the site, over 1 billion people are active, in comparison to Instagram who only 100 million are active.

Twitter is known as the foreground for building an online reputation nowadays,¬†with sites like Klout able to measure a persons online influence on major social media sites, arguably most important being Twitter. Someone’s online reputation can enhance positively by just one Tweet, it only takes one clever, different, or spectacular Tweet to go viral and conquer the internet, leaving the “Tweeter” with a huge following. I have already discussed the importance of how a following can help, so this would seem easy for a site such as Cahootify to grow big on Twitter, therefore making people’s projects more likely to happen, and achieving their goal. Tying in with online reputation is online presence, and this is how someone would come across online, with that being professional, immature, or maybe intelligent. A good online presence will only make your following larger, because essentially if you’re interesting people will want to see more of you. A film-maker is of course a very interesting occupation, meaning people would be intrigued in certain films that will be made, and how they will be made with the stars of the film.

LinkedIn is the best option for building a professional online presence as they pride themselves on being the¬†“Worlds Largest Professional Network”.¬†A quote like this is very true to the point, purely because they have built an online reputation for themselves, therefore becoming the best at what they¬†do, along with people knowing this as well. As you can see from the image at the Bottom, a LinkedIn profile page is professional, outlining previous job roles and all of the business connections the person would have. The connections and previous work elements of the page would be very useful to a film-maker, the previous work outlines the possible talents of an actor/actress, and the connections would suggest how high of a level a production team member would have worked at previously.

Overall Cahootify is a very good website for gathering groups of people to work in unison on a project, they have the correct mind-set of not pressuring people to pay for something they might not be clear on, and whether they want to charge for their completed projects. Cahootify leaves a lot to the imagination of the project leader, which gives a lot of freedom and doesn’t allow for¬†any unwanted interruptions. Personally I would say the only negative is the fact that it doesn’t feel like a complete site yet, its not finished and there are aspects of the site that need to be set in stone. At the moment there is a potential subscription fee arriving soon, I would leave the fee out of the equation and perhaps require a small percentage of the final earnings of the finished product, this then means if there are no intentions to sell your finished product you cannot be penalised by a fee.












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Christmas!! Enjoy it whilst it lasts!!

Christmas, Xmas, Crimbo or whatever you want to call it you can’t get away from what a magnificent holiday period it is, everyone seems to be happier apart from when they think about their bank account that is, ¬†but on the whole it really is a time for people to forget their worries and appreciate the fact everyone is getting along. So how does being a man differ you may ask? Well Christmas is a chance for men to get all their oily bits and socks if we are being stereotypical of course, but it’s also a chance for the family man to spend much needed time with his family, in a traditional sense this is how Christmas should be, stuffing your face with turkey and playing with all your new stuff maybe followed by playing an old board game. When you think about it Christmas is not just about the big day itself, the whole month of December and even November can be affected is just bombarded by Christmas songs, decorations, fashion and excitement . More on the fashion side it becomes socially acceptable to wear a horrendously coloured ¬†jumpers sporting an image of Father Christmas himself on it or one of his jolly counterparts and no one seems to care they look like a traffic light, this sums up Christmas in a nutshell or chestnut to be more appropriate as people forget about the self conscious side of their lives to embrace the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas from MediaPayne and have a great cat

Oh no…The international break

There comes a time every other month or so when football fans across England cry just like our friend/enemy JT here, this heart break stems from the evil that is The Internationjtal Break! Some people may enjoy this, well if they like watching England struggle to beat low level international sides such as Macedonia, but the majority¬†hate it. We as football fans love to see our beloved clubs fight¬†in their respected leagues,¬†how good our weekend is depends¬†almost entirely on the result of the match, and any result is better than no result. Unless you are a supporter of the top teams in England you will not see any of your favourite players playing for the international outfit, this is frustrating¬†to see because we know how hard our players work and deserve to be rocking the 3 lions badge. Moving on another reason why we don’t like the international break is because the best players for our clubs always get injured without fail, there is nothing more frustrating than watching your talisman pull a hammy in a friendly against a side ranked 200 places below England which means absolutely nothing and doesn’t benefit anyone. Finally its not all doom and gloom with the international break because sometimes the games do mean a lot and provide decent entertainment,¬†but for the most part its not brilliant is it?

Meeting deadlines can be a Payne!

No matter who you are or where you are, we have all had deadlines in our lifetime. They span from a completing an essay on time to a mechanic needing to finish a build on a car, but every deadline gives you that same gut wrenching feeling of “oh no if I don’t get this done the world will end”. Of course the world will not end but it doesn’t stop us from thinking that does it, I suppose that can be a good thing because at least it prompts us to get things done,¬†on the other hand¬†why would we want to feel like that, its not a nice feeling we have established this. The horrible feeling you have sitting in the pit of your stomach when you need to complete an essay in two hours is almost indescribable, but deadlines produce polar opposites. Relief, joy and happiness¬†are just some of the words that spring to mind when you complete what you have set to do, and if you’re a bit mean you produce an evil¬†chuckle mocking your friends that haven’t quite reached their deadline. After all deadlines must just be some evil thing created by a demon to put people under maximum stress…..well that’s how I see it, most people I’m sure just get over it but this is for the people like me, don’t bow down to the deadline demon and don’t let stress overcome your life.

Online Content, whats it all about?

Online Content does not mean anything unless its relevant, well it does but it just won’t reach the same successful heights as relevant content. An example of relevant content when talking about cars would be the recent exciting news of the old ‘Top Gear’ gang reuniting for ‘Amazon TV’, perhaps to recreate the most widely watched factual TV program on earth….again. Of course there is such a broad spectrum when looking at cars as there are all different types of car manufacturers and car owners, so relevant content depends on the context of what certain people like, but in general it would be the latest exciting news that determines relevant content.